Our Restaurant History



From there to now


So … how did I go from a motion picture caterer to owner of Ameci Newbury Park? It was just great timing. I wanted to pursue my passion, the food that I grew up with – the food that is in my soul. After years as a caterer with the company "The Arangement", I opened Ameci Newbury Park in 1993.  It is all about the food and atmosphere. When you walk into the restaurant, you’ll likely see someone you know. There’s a familiar smell (it might be the mozzarella roasting or the garlic simmering), and the staff knows you, they know your family, your order, your favorites. You can walk in, close your eyes and you’ll know exactly where you are. Ameci Newbury Park.

Now sit down, be quiet and have a Acqua Panna!


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